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Competetive Advantages
Management Team
Our management comprises one of the most experienced team of real estate professionals that are well regarded in the industry, with an excellent track record in real estate markets in Singapore, South Korea, Australia and regional countries. 
Track Record
We have an excellent record in property and asset management, focusing in enhancing real estate values, astute cost management and maintenance programme.
Management Platform
We optimise the operations of your property with a leading management system and tools developed from best practices.  The management platform tracks your property’s performance and site operational effectiveness.
Unwavering Dedication and Commitment
We focus on instilling dedication, commitment and humility in all our staff.  We are service oriented and do our best for the betterment of your estate.
Quality Services
At MELANA INTERNATIONAL, we take pride in our work and consider each and every contract secured and/or renewed an endorsement of our client’s trust and satisfaction of our services. Such trust is what motivates us at MELANA INTERNATIONAL to continuously upgrade the quality of our services to our clients.
Experienced Staff
Providing professional property management service requires having staff with proven experience in all aspects of property management.  Our staffs are well equipped to handle the day-to-day maintenance and management of the estate as well as to formulate and implement budgets and activities in a pro-active manner that will help avoid the many common conflicts between the management and occupants/subsidiary proprietors.
Value-Added Services
MELANA INTERNATIONAL distinguishes itself from its competitors through consistent delivery of high quality services and the commitment of its management and staff as well as the value-added services it provides its clients. Such value-added services include:

  1. Providing professional advice on building defects and rectification processes including dealing with developers amicably;
  2. Providing qualified and professional advice on improvement works or major alteration requirements;
  3. Providing professional advise on the physical and functional aspects of your property;
  4. Providing a Condo Portal for your estate: www.lagunagreen.com.sg (subject to availability);
  5. Providing Biometrics Access and Attendance Management System;
    • Carrying out energy audit at least once a year to help the client achieve cost savings through effective energy saving exercises.