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Our CompanyMELANA INTERNATIONAL’s management philosophy is to maximize the potential of each building through constant and disciplined review to enhance and/or maintain its value for its occupiers and investors at an affordable cost.  Efficient property management requires experience and specialist skills, and an awareness of the factors that influence rentals and sales values.  We have the resources and expertise to put in place a plan to achieve these objectives.

Our management is prepared and keen to make the commitment of service to your Management Corporation and its subsidiary proprietors.  We are confident of making this statement as we have the pre-requisite experience, qualified staff and resource to achieve this promise to our clients.  We assure you that if we are appointed, we shall allocate whatever resources necessary to achieve success for the proper and effective management of each building. 
Our Policies
Our main policies are:
  • Fulfill our commitment and promises to our clients 
  • Provide our clients with the best “value-for-money” services
  • Deliver high quality services to our clients
To maintain these policies, the management is committed to giving full support to its employees.  The company has, since its inception, been recruiting good, qualified and experienced staff to further strengthen its already efficient and committed team.  We aim to offer our clients the highest standards of property management solutions by providing them a comprehensive and reliable range of services as well as service providers.  We have one of the most qualified team of senior management that we are proud to present to you.
Our Objectives
MELANA INTERNATIONAL is committed to delivering a high, professional and consistent standard of service to our clients.  Our teams are resolved to meet the requirements of our clients to through constant review of systems, human resources, skills and expertise.
Our Objectives
MELANA INTERNATIONAL has always adopted a pro-active view and approach towards the management and maintenance of properties and this is one reason for our company’s successful growth in the business.
Our Systematic Approach
Planned Maintenance
At MELANA INTERNATIONAL, we advocate focus on preventive maintenance rather than corrective maintenance as the former is less costly.  As such, constant emphasis is made to organize planned maintenance so as to achieve an efficient operating system for the development.  Proper records would be kept to ensure effective budgetary control and implementation of work schedules. 

However, in some cases, corrective maintenance may be more practical due to the high cost of maintenance when compared to total replacement of the installation or facility.  Such planned and recorded maintenance will ensure that all outsourced services being paid for are in fact provided fully and carried out as contracted.

Effective Management Programs
To carry out regular and effective management programs that will help in identifying problem areas and rectify defects and deficiencies in the development and its facilities. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are adopted and aimed at achieving “best practice”.  Standard forms are implemented for the purpose of reporting and record keeping.  Such practices will also ensure proper upkeep of the development and its facilities is carried out based on a long-term cost-benefit point of view.

Internal Audits
To conduct regular internal management and site audits to ensure quality excellence and consistency in services rendered.  These internal audits are carried out at random by senior management staff of MELANA INTERNATIONAL.  Such surprise checks ensure that the site staff maintain vigilance and observe the company’s codes of practices at all times.Since the implementation of such internal auditing in early 2001, we have caught and terminated several site staff for unethical and dishonest practice.  This practice has since enabled us to rid our organization of dishonest and poor performing staff.